Khaaja Chowk has come a long way since it opened its first outlet on the third floor at Plaza Mall, Gurgaon a few years ago. Today Khaaja Chowk has six outlets spread across the National Capital Region, one outlet in Surat, Bhubaneswar and Jalandhar with another about to open in Bengaluru shortly. In Gurgaon, Khaaja Chowk is one of the better known brands and has an established reputation for providing consistently tasty food at great value. We are a valued food and beverage partner of Ginger Hotels (a Tata Enterprise).

Khaaja Chowk is a celebration of India and its street cuisine where influences of different communities and cultures over the centuries have left their indelible mark.

The ambience of the restaurant is beautifully designed to reflect the very spirit of the streets, to bring to us what has always been ours: INDIA. The byline says it all: “FULL FULL INDIAN”!

Khaaja Specials

Khaaja Chowk has brought together, apart from its repertoire of delectable fare, a few special flavours to delight the discerning Indian palate.

  • Rabri Khaaja RABRI KHAAJA: Lacchedar crunchy Papdi topped with cold Rabri- A delight for the sweet tooth
  • KHAAJA KI CHAAT KHAAJA KI CHAAT: A lachedaar papri, if you will, topped with a chaat dressing, sprinkled with a special Khaaja masala.
  • BIRYANI BIRYANI: Tender pieces of chicken or mutton simmered in special Lucknawi masalas, layered with long grain basmati rice and cooked on slow fire
  • RARA GOSHT RARA GOSHT : Assorted cuts of lamb cooked with whole masala in a rich keema gravy
  • KABAB PLATTER KABAB PLATTER : Assorted pieces of succulent & juicy chicken and mutton marinated and flavoured with freshly ground masalas/yoghurt/cheese – The chicken burra, mutton seekh kabab,chicken banno kabab galauti Kababs

Our Locations

Janta Ki Baat